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Quebec’s top jazz players cook up grooves in lab

Jazzlab – featuring the top players and composers of Quebec jazz scene, comes first of all as the success of a vision: the vision of a ensemble as a meeting place for talents and whose fruits are given out to a large audience of jazz fans. Jazzlab makes surprisingly possible the gathering of distinctive paths within a collective endeavor to tame a wide spectrum of approaches and styles, from conventional swing to a Gil Evans impressionism via free jazz that sounds as much unpredictable as it can be articulated.

The capacity to elaborate with enthusiasm a musical perspective of their own within the world of contemporary jazz is probably the most striking character of this Montreal-based think thank that explores the paths of modern jazz with a rare intensity and boldness.

Since they first started in 2003, Jazzlab has successfully built a genuine identity and a sound based on a compound especially suited for beautiful improvisations and other musical adventures. Jazzlab sounds like a joyful brainstorming session in which the passion of jazz naturally communicates itself to the listeners, with something there for every taste, from the most rigorously written pieces to more freely improvised titles where creativity comes first before virtuosity.

A perfect swing and a capacity to sound sometimes like an intimate combo or like a powerful big band, help them out to build highly colored and contrasted atmospheres. All in all, an excellent example of the ongoing tradition of forward-thinking small big band strategy.

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By placing an order works at the composer Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Jazz Services diffuser of festival Jazz en Rafale joins JAZZLABMUSIQUE to create a new unique and great ensemble in the annals of jazz Quebec.

Parallel to the orchestra bass from France who opened the 12th edition of the festival, the orchestra bass from Quebec closed the festival with a colorful concert entirely designed for the festival produced by JAZZLAB-MUSIQUE with the best jazz bassists at the moment.

6 bassists have interpreted the world premiere of music by Jean-Nicolas Trottier specially designed for the occasion. As we saw at the bass, Normand Guilbault, Fraser Hollins, Guy Boisvert, Adrian Vedady, Frédéric Alarie, Dave Watts who play with a big smile the wonderful music of JNT.

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May 23th
10th anniversary of Jazzlab

March 21th
first anniversary of OCQ

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"Octo Portraits" (2010)


"Chance meeting" (2006)


"Désir" (2006)


"Réunion" (2004)